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Private swim lessons in your own home or apartment pool!

Joanne L customer testimonial
Joanne L.
Toronto, ON

I would recommend AquaMobile to everyone. When you see the speed and level of perfection that AquaMobile instructors teach at, you know you are getting taught the proper way. With AquaMobile you are learning everything precisely. With the bios online I knew exactly what experience the instructors had, if they’ve been working with children previously – I knew exactly what I was getting. Without a doubt, my children progressed at triple speed vs. enrolling with the city pool.

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Rachel K customer testimonial
Rachel K.
Toronto, ON

My son loves the instructor and he’s learned so much. She relates really well with my son, always arrives on time and is professional. From the 3rd class he was swimming by himself, floating by himself. We are very happy that we found AquaMobile.

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Alyssa S Customer Testimonial
Alyssa S.
Toronto, ON

When I called, it was very convenient and easy, AquaMobile set me up right away with a schedule of lessons, there was no waiting. Olivia is 4 and didn’t know how to swim and she’s swimming on her own now and really confident in the pool. Hallie is now a much stronger  swimmer now and her strokes have improved tremendously. We’ve had a really positive experience. My girls love it!

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Dawn S customer testimonial
Dawn S.
Toronto, ON

The profile descriptions of the instructors were the best. To hear that there was someone local in our area that met our needs was very important to us. The second year we registered, the office was very accommodating to make sure we got the same instructor back from the first year, even though she was no longer in our region.

My kids have progressed so much. My son was afraid to put his face in but within 2 classes he was jumping in by himself and found complete freedom in the water. My husband and I were overjoyed.

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Customer Irene S testimonial picture
Irene S.
Oakville, ON

This is our second year with AquaMobile. We’ve really enjoyed it so far! Our instructor is GREAT and made my daughter feel comfortable in the water without pressuring her to do things she isn’t ready for. She’s having fun and learning.

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customer testimonial joanne b
Joanne B.
Mississauga, ON

The service is great, everyone is very nice, scheduling is flexible.  You can tell how much the instructors care and they make it fun for the kids. They are learning a lot. The progress has been amazing.

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Christina B customer testimonial
Christina B.
Mississauga, ON

I love everything – I love the personal attention to the kids, I love the booking process, I love that you can pick your instructor, it’s been fantastic. My kids have advanced so far in their swimming, I can’t even believe how far they have come.

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Carol C customer testimonial
Carol C.
Toronto, ON

We’ve been with AquaMobile for four years and every instructor has been great over the years. I find my kids are better swimmers than those who have been taking other programs.

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Janet S customer testimonial
Janet S.
Oakville, ON

I think AquaMobile’s screening process of instructors is excellent. There’s also constant communication and flexibility if there’s bad weather. My kids have made leaps and bounds in terms of progress.

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Laura G customer testimonial
Laura G.
Markham, ON

This was the third summer I used AquaMobile and I couldn’t be happier! The first instructor my children had was amazing. She was exceptionally patient since my youngest was 2 1/2 years old at the time and my eldest was 4 1/2. The personal attention that each child got in the pool was exceptional. My 7-year-old daughter is learning how to dive and is excited to be doing so. My son who is 4 is swimming the width of the pool by himself.

The instructor was always on time and if the weather was a little iffy she would always call and confirm or reschedule if need be. Rescheduling was never a problem if the kids were sick. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with AquaMobile and their instructors. I will be using them for many years to come.

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Pat K customer testimonial
Pat K.
Unionville, ON

Our daughter Julia has taken private swimming lessons with AquaMobile since age 2 1/2. This summer will be her 6th.   We find the teachers at AquaMobile to be highly competent and effective.  Julia enjoys their friendly but firm approach.   At 7, Julia is now a strong swimmer and is looking forward to continuing her progress into leadership levels.

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Ivey S.
St. Augustine, FL

Joanna was so great, we loved her! We have already booked our next lesson and recommended AquaMobile and Joanna to several friends.

Debbie W.
Orlando, FL

Jeannie is enjoying her lessons.  Cathalina is wonderful.  She has made Jeannie feel comfortable in the water which is the most important step.  I am very pleased with AquaMobile and Cathalina’s performance.

Luke H.
Winter Park, FL

Lauren was awesome.  She was positive, kind, and very knowledgeable.  Our little swimmer gained confidence and learned a lot as a result of Lauren’s instruction.  I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone.

Rana D.
Atlanta, GA

The lessons with Mirielle have been great!  She is amazing with kids and gets them to work even when they are being oppositional.  We have seen progress in the past 4 lessons.

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